Bill (the Bill) about immigration by President to the Leadership Council of Representatives (DPR), the Republic of Indonesia(RI) with Number R-16/Pres/2/2010 letter dated February 23, 2010. In the letter, submitted that the Immigration bill is a submission of a second time, having previously been delivered by the President via letter No. R.18/Pres/10/2005 October 12, 2005. The president appoints the Minister of Justice and Human Rights to represent the President in the discussion of Bill (the Bill) is in the House of Representatives (DPR).

  1. Preventing abuse of authority;
  2. Bureaucratic reform and public services that are effective, efficient and legal certainty;
  3. Update the implementation of immigration functions and management information system based immigration;
  4. Modernize its approach to security with respect for human rights;
  5. Promote public welfare by supporting increased investment, tourism and social relationships as well as nurturing the culture of Indonesia in international relationship.
  6. Through in-depth discussion in working sessions and meetings Panja, drafting team and the team synchronization, finally managed to reach an agreement and formulated material in accordance with the Immigration Bill a new paradigm in a systematic way more clearly, so that in the end the discussion of Bill (the Bill) may Immigration resolved.

Bill (the Bill) Immigration agreed at the discussion level I have been formulating various updates, including:

  • Leading Sector immigration functions that have been placed in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights;
  • Organization of the Directorate General of Immigration is autonomous;
  • Implementation of Management Information Systems Immigration Immigration as supporting the implementation of functions with the tools and information and communication technology applications;
  • The assertion that every Indonesian citizen can not be refused admission to the territory of Indonesia;
  • Sterilization arrangement in every area of Immigration Immigration Check at airports, seaports, and border posts;
  • Foreign Minister delegated to regulate matters relating to passports, visas and residence permits for diplomatic and official duties;
  • Visa arrangement giving a clearer purpose and subject
  • Setting permanent residence permit granted for an unlimited time while still having the obligation to report to the Immigration Office every 5 (five) years with no charge;
  • Ease of former Indonesian citizen and former child the subject of dual nationality of the Republic of Indonesia to have a Permanent Stay Permit;
  • Convenient to holders of Limited Stay Permit and Permanent Residency through marriage mix to do the job and / or effort to make ends meet and / or his family;
  • Setting the guarantor as the party responsible for the existence and activities of foreigners during their stay in the territory of Indonesia;
  • Expanding perspectives on immigration control that is based surveillance data and information, which includes field supervision team Abdan or supervision of relevant government institutions, and strengthening the intelligence function Immigration;
  • Immigration administrative action as one of the processes of law enforcement outside the judicial system;
  • The house and room where the placement of temporary detention as to foreigners who violate laws and victims of human trafficking and smuggling;
  • Preventive and repressive authority of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights in the handling of human trafficking and smuggling;
  • Prevention in the urgent circumstances in which the authorized officer may request directly to the Immigration officials at the Immigration Examination Venue;
  • PPNS Immigration is authorized as a criminal investigator Immigration;
  • Criminal provisions regulating the criminalization of the person in charge of transport equipment, underwriters, trustees, or responsible for lodging, perpetrators of human trafficking and smuggling, and storage makers and users a false immigration document, false marriages actors, deteni and immigration officials or other officials who misuse authority and not carry out duties in accordance with procedures; and
  • Improving the quality of Human Resources Immigration minimal participant special education degree.

In this regard, the Commission III of the House of Representatives (DPR) approved for Bill (the Bill) on Immigration proceed to Level II Discussion / Decision Making, in order to obtain mutual consent of the Board of Representatives (DPR) and the President of the Legislative Assembly Meeting (DPR), the Republic of Indonesia (RI) on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 ago.